Jon Rahm penalized after self-reporting accidentally touching his ball with foot

Jon Rahm had one of the more eventful 67s you’ll ever see in golf.

The Spaniard began Friday’s second round at the PGA Championship with an errant drive that hit a spectator and eventually led to the man drilled to leave with medics out of precaution.

It wouldn’t be the only odd moment.

Rahm hit his drive at the par-5 eighth (his 17th) in the left rough. In this thick stuff, you often need some sort of flag or marker to display where your ball is. Otherwise, you might accidentally step on it. For some reason, Rahm didn’t get the flag treatment here.

As he walked into the left rough, the worst nightmare happened as he did indeed accidentally step on his ball. More accurately, he touched his ball with the top of his foot.

Rahm knew what he felt and consulted a rules official immediately to self-report what had happened. His admirable honesty unfortunately came with a price, as touching his ball with his foot – even accidentally – meant a one-shot penalty (per Rule 18-2).

In the exchange with the rules official, Rahm seemed a bit confused – understandably so – that he was getting penalized. He moved on quickly, though, and told the official he didn’t know where the ball was originally, which necessitated a drop on the penalty.

Rahm dropped, laid up with his third shot and – proving karma at least exists a little – got up and down with a wedge for par.

A great save and it allowed him to finish off that 3-under round. At 5 under overall, he’s T-8 and just five back at the moment.

A tough break there, but props to Rahm on persevering. Despite this wacky Friday, he’s right in this tournament.

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